Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ruedi one's BackFlashes Book!!!!

for years ruedione was an active graffiti writer himself and the documentation of his works led him to photography. he says that passion, obsession and even addiction connects him to the medium these days and by now he exclusively uses the camera for his works. for almost a decade, he has been documenting the writers` scene and has thus remained part of it as its visual chronicler. it makes the viewer feel what graffiti is about on the emotional side.

the images show all the tension, the adrenalin and the kicks that graffiti writers experience.

a visual expedition into a world that usually is restricted to the members of a very small scene. his photos show the active graffiti scene worldwide, may it be new york city, sao paulo or hamburg. in his series, documentary photography that creates contemporary documents meets abstract snapshots that are distinguished by their independent aesthetics. these images give the viewer an insight into an usually hidden scene.

his intention is to visualize and preserve the moments that kept him writing his name on a lot of surfaces for years, in a way that shows rather the emotions than the places and persons.
info: http://www.ilovegraffiti.de/eng/2009/08/19/ruedione-x-interview-3/

ruedione was born in heidelberg, germany in 1975.

My words to this book is a must have on your coffee table! I lived graff for twelve years of my life and still till this day will bust a tag or paint a fright with fellow crew members. I am a total adrenalin junky and looking at these pics and reading a bit of the book this totally reminds me of the life style I lived. Going out w/ crew members 3 to 4 the most staying up and watching yards till the late hours waiting up to four hours just to paint a fresh panal. Once you done get your flick and attempt to watch that bad boy run there is no other feeling people. My best times were when I was doing roof tops at 3am and seeing the train pass everytime sure do miss them days!!!!!

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