Thursday, February 5, 2009

You Are Out Of Order...

That's one strange line up.

Hip-hop DJ innovator Steinski joins Hey Champ to kickoff Out of Order—Chicago’s musical superconducting supercollider—on February 26, 2009 at Darkroom.


Surgical precision meets encyclopedic knowledge whenever Steve Stein aka Steinski hits the decks. Introduced to the world alongside Double Dee in 1985 with “The Payoff Mix,” Steinski’s innovative “cut and paste” style left its mark on everyone—from the legendary Coldcut, to recent mashup artists and Girl Talk.

Hey Champ (live)

Coming off a banner year that saw the young trio support Lupe Fiasco on a national tour and open for Justice on NYE in their hometown of Chicago, Hey Champ looks poised to spring their tuneful synth melodies, danceable rhythms and catchy lyrics into the musical stratosphere…next stop, SXSW!

Out of Order is a new monthly aimed at bringing a funbalanced dance floor to Chicago’s refracted nightlife. With live performances and DJ sets combining to rock parties as a whole, co-promoters Sangwerks and Paul in Chicago prove that the party is greater than the sum of its parts. Citing inspiration from the legendary Hacienda nightclub in Manchester, UK—the onetime home of New Order and Factory Records—promoters Sang Yi (Sangwerks) and Paul Rodriguez (Paul in Chicago, Dark Wave Disco) are hoping to draw upon the same spirit of fun-loving yet musically adventurous nights.

“The Hacienda was ahead of its time and stemmed from a pure love of music. It is in this spirit that Out of Order looks to make a name for itself,” explains Rodriguez.

Out of Order will also feature resident DJs Intel and Trancid—two cornerstones of Chicago’s nightlife, with the chops to cover all the musical bases.

Out of Order launches February 26, 2009 at Darkroom (2210 W. Chicago), and will move to the first Thursday of the month beginning April 2, 2009. 9pm-2am. $5 cover before 11pm with RSVP to .

Resident DJ's
Intel - You're familiar
Trancid - of Dark Wave Disco

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