Friday, February 6, 2009

The Clipse x KAWS - Reup Gang Blog 4

Clipse x Kaws-ReUp Gang Blog 4 from on Vimeo.
If you haven’t downloaded Virgina’s own cocaine cowboys The Clipse’s most recent mix tape Road Til The Casket Drops then you not only missed intricate wordplay, superb beat selection and jaw dropping drug metaphors but you also slept on a shout out to Hypebeast and a few references to street art legend Kaws. The duo seemed just as entrenched in street wear and the culture that accompanies it as much as they are into relaying vivid drug tales. On the Reup Gang’s latest video blog entry Pusha T, the most vocal of the duo, explains that a possible collaboration between The Clipse and Kaws may be on the way for the Til The Casket Drops album cover. Kaws, who recently did a similar collaboration with Kanye West, makes a short cameo towards the end of the short clip

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