Monday, May 18, 2009

Chicago's Very Own Anacron&Peanut Gallery

Anacron is the living, breathing personification of the pseudo culture called Hip Hop. A true modern renaissance artist, he is the master of many forms of expression. He is an accomplished and professionally trained instrumentalist, a composer, a songwriter, a music producer, and a disc jockey. However, his talents expand beyond the audible ranges of artistic output; Anacron is also a graffiti artist, a visual artist, a graphic designer, a break-dancer, as well as an accomplished businessman.
Musically, Anacron is best known for his casual and conversational yet in-depth lyrical delivery, and his amazingly crafted and ingenious instrumental production. Boasting a catalog of over 15 releases on his own independent PntGllryNtwrk label since 1995, and countless other projects and contributions to various labels and recording artists internationally, Anacron is the icing on the cake of any project. His presence adds an intense yet inviting feel to any musical endeavor, whether his role is vocal or musical.
Born on the East coast, raised on the West coast, and having resided in the Midwest has had a grand effect on the development of Anacrons signature and recognizable styles of production and lyricism. From the original Peanut Gallery Network recordings to the West coast classic Netherworlds album, Anacron stands out; his participation and performance is always charismatic, thoughtful, and fitting. With a broad yet bluntly honest and clearly defined view of the world around him, he always leaves a lasting impression as a guest on any album. His amalgamation of live instrumentation and sampling, mainstream appeal and independent creativity makes for one of the most imitated and sought-after production styles in the industry.
Outside of his collaborations with colleagues and friends in the hip-hop underground, Anacron also plays an active role in the musical expansion of singers of various genres, jazz groups, pop and rock bands, and even film and stage soundscapes. Appreciated and admired around the world on an independent platform, Anacron has spent a decade teetering on the edge of commercial success; ultimately, it is only a matter of time before he is rightfully recognized by all as the stellar talent that he i

Anacron "Get Stoked!" (Produced by KV)
Anacron "The Out Crowd" (Produced by J. Ohm)
Anacron - A Prototype [Rare]

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