Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Rat Pack

Hmm chilling at work, bored as hell but who cares. I'm shocked that I hacked in my company's computer, but I did and decided to go ahead and publish this post. Last night was a good night to kick it w/ the homies, got together w/ the Rat Pack and headed to see my roomate Dj Intel do his thang at this new joint Crocodile Lounge(Cinnabar Lounge) in lovely Wicker Park. For those young bucks out there Cinnabar was a classic joint that had a lot of soul and love for the people and especially the music. Crocodile Lounge isn't Cinnabar by any means,but with some work it has the potential to be the kind of place where you can step in and go back to the old days.

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