Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tyrone Davis - Just My Way Of Loving You

Tyrone Davis, one of the preeminent figures in Chicago rhythm and blues history, Tyrone Davis was born Tyrone Fettson in Greenville Mississippi on May 4 1938.When he was a year old, his parents divorced. His father moved to Saginaw, Michigan, taking baby Tyrone with him. As a teenager at Saginaw Central High, he did what a lot of young kids in the fifties did, he sang on street corners and entered school talent contests. He also married at a tender age and in 1959 he and his family moved to Chicago's West Side.

Davis finally broke into recording in 1965 through Harold Burrage, who had become Davis's friend and mentor. Davis had started performing in some Chicago clubs, Burrage was impressed after catching a Davis performance at a club on the West Side. Burrage came to Davis with a song he had written 'Suffer', a bluesy mid pacer, which he recorded, and was released on Willie Barney's Four Brothers label as Tyrone the Wonder Boy, which achieved a little local success. He went to work for Barney in various capacities. Davis had three releases for Four Brothers, the best and most successful was 'Please Consider Me' in January 1967, which was a substantial local hit. That same year he next appears with one release on Monk Higgins Sack label, the up tempo 'I'm Running A Losing Race'. In 1968 'What If A Man' was released on ABC Records. Until now Davis had made only a local impact on record, but was making a reasonable living from the Chicago club scene.

This is a sweet track and repping CHITOWN to the fullest R.I.P Davis and thanks for the great music

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