Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PEEP THIS: Fotoflow (super homie) Photo Show...

Oscar Arriola is a street photographer whose subjects have stories to tell. From the
man with the words “Kill Me Please” emblazoned on his stomach, to the melancholy
landscape of an abandoned candy factory, Arriola's images are engaging narratives of
the city. Like his influences, Harry Callahan and Swiss photographer Robert Frank,
Arriola’s subject matter is of most importance. His images record the underbelly of
urban life today, with subjects ranging from unusual people, places, and situations,
to street art--all taken through a lens of subtle irony.

A prolific photographer, Arriola shoots nearly 10,000 photos a year. “Fotoflow,” his
first solo show, makes reference to his nickname as well as the constant flow of
pictures taken daily from an artist who never leaves home without his Canon.

by Heather Schmidt


Believe Inn
2043 N Winchester
Chicago IL 60614


Opening: Saturday, October 25th 2008
6-10 PM

Programming Curated by H Mathis

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